Kava is a drink from the South Pacific made from the magical Kava root (derived from a plant in the pepper family). Kava is a non-alcoholic, non-addictive, relaxing, sedative drink known for its psychoactive and euphoric effects. The drink itself is made from a combination of water, coconut milk, and dried Kava root. Kava has been used socially and ceremonially for hundreds of years in Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, and Vanuatu. 

Ancient islanders drank Kava to achieve a “higher level of consciousness” and here at Tropikava Kafe and Juice Bar, you can too. Just sit back, relax, and sip!



Kava is awesome. Not only is it fun to drink, it leaves you hangover free (woo-hoo!) while having many beneficial effects on both the mind and body. Studies have shown Kava to be a healthy, natural remedy for anxiety without the risk of addiction or negative side effects. So, what does it make you “feel like”? Kava effects and health benefits include: a calm sense of euphoria, increased focus, reduced stress, muscle relaxation, mental clarity, nervous system support, and relief from anxiety & insomnia. Pretty amazing, right? Now, go enjoy your Kavatail!



Another reason to love Kava, is our body’s ability to process it. If you are a first time Kava drinker and you’re nervous about the intensity of its effects, or how your body might respond to it, fret not. It’s likely you won’t feel much after your very first cup, and that is totally normal. Unlike hard drugs and alcohol, your body trains itself to feel the effects of Kava more and more each time you drink it. Which means, it gets better with every cup!



With every sip of Kava you take, allow yourself to be transported to the relaxing, tropical South Pacific islands. Originally served only to royalty, Kava is now routinely used in celebrations and social gatherings. Just like the ancient Fijians did, be sure to cheer “BULA!” (Fijian for “to live”) with your friends before drinking your Kavatail!