Kava, aka Piper Methysticum, has been growing in the South Pacific Islands for over 3000 years.  A member of the black pepper family, Kava's roots are used to create a drink that is considered to have analgesic powers.

Originally served only to royalty, the drink is now routinely used in celebrations, social gatherings and in the South Pacific, religious gatherings

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The roots of Tropikava Kafa

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The Roots of Kava


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Kava Drinks


Tropikava Kafe, where the unique atmosphere of the South Pacific is enhanced by the wonderful feeling of well being and relaxation brought by kava beverage.  At Tropikava Kafe we feature all natural kava beverages created in the South Pacific method and the best teas found in Chicago.

 Come join us and take relaxation to a whole new level.